Marjorie May Fair is a Melbourne-based hairstylist, specialising in vintage and bridal hair.

The craft of hairstyling had always intrigued Marjorie. Whilst other little girls got their fashion inspiration from the Spice Girls, Marjorie grew up idolising Doris Day, Lucille Ball and Grace Kelly. Through her teen years, she found herself adopting little fashion traits that these glamour beauties held, whether it be a flower in her hair, a vintage scarf around her neck or a pair of Mary Jane’s with a cute buckle.

Her time at the University of Ballarat sparked intrigue about the history of film/theatre. While completing her acting degree, she researched many Hollywood starlets from the 1940’s and 50’s. With that, her contagious love for vintage glam grew and she immediately fell in love with the idea of stepping out in style inspired from era’s passed.

In the last few years, Marjorie has expanded her repertoire, training in both modern and vintage styling alike with Bethany Jane Davies from the VBP, Kristy Lee and Miss Rockabilly Ruby – all highly acclaimed hairdressers spanning over the UK, LA and Melbourne.

Editorial credits include work in Runway Life International, Marjorie Magazine, Easy Weddings and Vintage Bride Magazine.